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About Us

CLIPP is composed of faculty from colleges and universities across Kansas who are committed to collaboratively support and enhance the development and delivery of teacher training programs to meet the standards for low incidence disabilities license(s). This project solidifies relationships and partnerships among participating teacher training programs in the effort to meet the needs of the state of Kansas for highly qualified teachers. These achievements are realized through systemic change created at three levels:

  1. At the course level through the examination of course content to foster shared or common content across programs
  2. At the college/university level though a shared curriculum design that will prepare students to meet the teaching standards and support collaboration between the low incidence disability teacher trainers, and
  3. At the state level through the examination, possible adoption, and development of courses designed to be delivered through a distance education consortium to allow students to access courses at any and all participating colleges or universities.

The goals of this project are to:

  • Strengthen the relationships of college and university faculty through the coordination of planning meetings to explore college and university partnerships;
  • Develop a network/infrastructure of professionals working together, as a state resource, to address the need for highly trained teachers of children with low incidence disabilities;
  • Examine potential models for partnerships that would support sharing of cost and revenue for courses shared across teacher training programs.