Mission Statement Consortium of Low Incidence-teacher Preparation Programs logo

The Mission of the Consortium of Low Incidence Teacher Preparation Programs Project (CLIPP) is to promote and support collaboration and foster networking, discussion of pertinent issues, resource development, and delivery of high quality teacher training programs to meet the Kansas low incidence disability licensure standards.

In order to fulfill the Mission:

Goal 1: CLIPP members will engage in problem-solving the critical issues linked to improving the quality of life of all young children and school-age students with low incidence disabilities, their families and the professionals who provide services for them.

Objective 1: Increase the number and quality of licensed teachers with low incidence disability endorsements.

Objective 2: Increase resources for assessing, teaching, and increasing inclusive practices for young children and students with low incidence disabilities.

Objective 3: Create and provide a pool of expertise within the state to address needs concerning the special education of young children and students with low incidence disabilities.

Objective 4: Create and provide a continuous learning environment for members of CLIPP.

Goal 2: CLIPP members will engage in shared course development to assure access to a high quality program for teacher licensure within low incidence disabilities.

Objective 1: Increase joint development and offering of course content that can be offered to fulfill requirements for teacher licensure in low incidence disabilities.

Objective 2: Investigate IHE commitment to preparing a consortium within Kansas that offers a low incidence disability licensure program in Kansas through elearning.